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Don’t try this on your own!

I know my business very well.  I have been in advertising and marketing for over 30 years so I feel that I know what to look for when purchasing a business.  Well, I might know what to look for, but I would never take on the task of purchasing a business without the help of a professional who handles transactions such as this every single day of the year.  For my wife and me, that person was Jeff Adam with Adam Noble.

First, Jeff helped me analyze the business that I was looking to purchase.  With that, his expertise enabled us to take out the emotion (when necessary) and focus on this “business” transaction.  Once it appeared that we were going to move forward, Jeff’s knowledge of every single detail involved in a transaction such as this, was invaluable to us.

Additionally, Jeff was able to communicate so effectively with the seller which made the entire transaction a pleasant experience….except for the actual writing of the check, of course.sold

I could never go into detail all of the items that were covered by Jeff during our purchase of Performing Ads Company.  My recommendation is simple:  If you are considering purchasing a company of any size, or selling your business, give Jeff Adam a call FIRST!

Greg Heitzman, President, Performing Ads Company

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