Business Buyer Testimonials

Business Buyer Testimonials and Comments

Adam Noble Group, LLC is grateful for the opportunity to confidentially and discreetly help you buy a business.  We have an extensive network of qualified buyers looking for established, profitable businesses.  These are a small selection of testimonials from business buyers, most of whom successfully purchased a business in which we represented the seller of the business.  Independent third party business valuations were completed on almost all of these acquired companies as part of exit planning services which we provided for the Seller-ownership groups. These buyers are willing to confidentially and discreetly share their experience with you.  Please contact us should you wish to speak with them.  texas business valuation - sold

Jeff was a pleasure to work with during the SnorkelyourATV transaction. The CIM was very well put together; the information presented on the business was thorough, clear, and accurate. Jeff worked diligently to complete the deal while always protecting his client’s interests and priorities. Jeff was attentive and responsive throughout the transaction. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone exploring the sale of their business.

William Harper, Chief M&A Officer, Nivel Parts and Manufacturing

I reached out to about 6-8 different companies but when I reached out to Jeff to help evaluate and purchase a multi million dollar company I knew instantly, this was the right fit. He was professional and guided me through the whole process. I was very pleased with his assistance and the time he would take to explain exactly what was going on since this was my first time doing this. He is a man of integrity and I felt like he was honest at all times. Communication was always handled well and he was available to answer any questions I had right away. After the purchase he still managed to follow up and make sure things were going smoothly. I even reached out to Jeff about other business questions and he was willing to take the time to answer them, I highly appreciated that. I would definitely recommend Adam Noble Group to other business owner who are wanting to sell their business or anyone looking to buy a business. Thank you Jeff!

Jack Sheth, President, DFW Ink, LLC

I would definitely work with Jeff and the Adam Noble Group again.  The information was complete and well-organized.  Jeff was very responsive and added a great deal of value when discussing operational and industry issues related to the business.  Jeff has the rare ability to “bridge the gap” between two parties to make a successful transaction.  I strongly believe our deal is a “win-win” for both parties with Jeff deserving much of the credit.

Fulton Murray III, M5 Management LLC

My name is Ted Sanders, and my daughter, Farrell, and I recently bought a business together that is located in Fort Worth. Jeff Adam with the Adam Noble group was the business broker who handled the sale.

I highly recommend Jeff to handle either the sale or purchase of a business. The initial informational “package’ he put together for this business was very thorough, detailed, and well put together. We have looked at several other businesses for sale, and felt that Jeff’s presentation was the best we saw.

Jeff was very professional but also very personable. He answered our questions and addressed our concerns promptly. He made himself available any time and any day, and returned our emails, phone calls, and texts promptly as well. He made the closing easy, and has continued to stay in touch and support us after the sale was completed.

We were very pleased with the entire process.

Sincerely, Ted Sanders, CFBB, LLC

Honest to God, you are one of the shining M&A advisors. 95% of these knuckleheads are so difficult to deal with and don’t understand their markets. I appreciate how hard you have been working to keep me informed.  Excellent CIM!

Robert Smith, Private Family Office

Jeff actually represented the gentleman I bought the business from. I could not have asked for a better broker to have worked with. He was always honest and helpful in every situation. I could not have asked for a better man to work with ! If he didn’t have the answer immediately he got it quickly. Even after purchasing the business Jeff has contacted me personally many times asking if there is anything I needed or anything he can help with. I would highly recommend Jeff and the Adam Noble Group to anyone looking to purchase a business!

Kenneth Shaddix Jr, Truck Toys of Texas

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for your work with our recent acquisition. I’ve conducted acquisitions for 18 years and this process was efficient, very professional, and well managed. While you definitely represented the other party with integrity, once we reached a fundamental agreement, you did an excellent job to get the process finished. Too often, the inexperience of the seller causes a sale to fall through. You communicated to both parties quickly and honestly about the process and steps necessary to get us past the finish line.

I am particularly impressed by the extent you have followed up after the sale to ensure expectations were met and so you can continue to improve your role. I’ve seen too many brokers that are only interested in their commissions and disappear after. I definitely would recommend you and Adam Noble Group to other owners and buyers. Quickly and professionally getting to a close, beats looking at deals. Opportunities you bring to my companies will move to the top of consideration based on this experience.

Peter Ricca, SG Landscape and Outdoors

Jeff helped us in purchasing our business. Although Jeff represented the sellers, he added value by taking into account our concerns throughout the complex negotiation. Jeff handled everything discreetly and acted with honesty and full integrity. Jeff always answered/responded to all emails and phones promptly. He has been of great help in follow-up support and counsel to ensure our success post-acquisition. I will highly recommend Jeff and his company to other business owners or buyers.

Madhvi, Buyer of B2B corporate catering business

Jeff and his team ran a highly professional process and were great facilitators. I look forward to working with them again as they bring more businesses to the market.

Andrew Carr, DVG Partners

Jeff is professional, knowledgeable and a responsive business broker. We have not had the opportunity to close a deal together but I have been impressed with my experience to date.

Brendan Callaghan, Callaghan Enterprises LLC

We wanted to thank you for an exceptional purchasing experience. As first time business owners, we were overwhelmed by the whole process of purchasing a business. Though we knew there was still a daunting task in front of us, our first conversation with you was extremely helpful as you guided us through the purchase process. You were always available to answer questions and were extremely quick in returning our calls and e-mails. You were very up front and honest about the fact that you were representing the seller, but we felt as though you had our best interests in mind as well. The integrity you showed far exceeded our expectations and made working through the due diligence process much easier because we felt confident that you were being completely transparent. Your follow up after the sale has been impressive as well. Overall I truly can’t imagine how anyone could have a more positive experience in purchasing a business. I would highly recommend the Adam Noble Group if buying or selling a business.

Paul Morrison, Glenfae, Inc.

Jeff represented the seller in our transaction and was an absolute joy to work with. He was extremely professional, fair, responsive and was happy to help in any way he could. He brings a wealth of experience and contacts to the table that benefits everyone in the room and I could not recommend him enough.

Ray Brandhurst, Bayou Brewing, LLC

Hands down the best experience I’ve had working with a broker. Jeff was extremely helpful and professional. The information and knowledge provided on the business were detailed, insightful, and most important, spot-on accurate. No-nonsense and easy to work with group. Highly recommended.

Stephen Shelton, Texas Forever Investments, LLC

Awesome service!!!!  Jeff is above and beyond.  He made the transition process seamless.  This is our second purchase in last three year we will definitely consider in future too.  Thank you for all your help.


Don’t try this on your own! 

I know my business very well.  I have been in advertising and marketing for over 30 years so I feel that I know what to look for when purchasing a business.  Well, I might know what to look for, but I would never take on the task of purchasing a business without the help of a professional who handles transactions such as this every single day of the year.  For my wife and me, that person was Jeff Adam with Adam Noble.

First, Jeff helped me analyze the business that I was looking to purchase.  With that, his expertise enabled us to take out the emotion (when necessary) and focus on this “business” transaction.  Once it appeared that we were going to move forward, Jeff’s knowledge of every single detail involved in a transaction such as this, was invaluable to us.

Additionally, Jeff was able to communicate so effectively with the seller which made the entire transaction a pleasant experience….except for the actual writing of the check, of course.

I could never go into detail all of the items that were covered by Jeff during our purchase of Performing Ads Company.  My recommendation is simple:  If you are considering purchasing a company of any size, or selling your business, give Jeff Adam a call FIRST!

Greg Heitzman, President, Performing Ads Company

My business expectations were not only met, but exceeded by using Jeff Adam and his team to acquire a business. Even though I was the purchaser of the company that Jeff was representing to sell, he went above and beyond to ensure that I was informed throughout the entire process, provided clear and timely information, and even helped me through my process of acquiring the business as this was the first business that I have acquired.

Jeff and his team are well organized and very good at following up with all parties to ensure timelines were met. During the entire process, he handled everything professionally, discreetly, and confidentially for all parties, which I really appreciated as there are tons of personal information that all parties are supplying to get the deal done. Looking back at the entire process, from the first time that I reached out to Jeff and his team about the opportunity to close on the business, Jeff and his team were honest about everything and provided a high level of service.

I would highly recommend Jeff Adam and Adam Noble Group, LLC for others that are looking to sell or acquire a business. I will be using him again for more business acquisitions in the future.

Matt Guidotti, Guido Holdings, LLC

It is our pleasure to strongly recommend Jeff Adam of Adam Noble Group. Jeff helped us from the very beginning to the end during our Business acquisition, his knowledge and guidance helped us tremendously through this very new process for us. Jeff was always reliable and on time on our scheduled calls/meetings and available when needed. He was always very thorough, honest and explained things in great detail. We truly appreciate all the guidance, encouragement and help we experienced. If you have no idea of how or where to start to purchase a business, Jeff is your man!

Marcos and Karina Heredia, South Kodiak – Gutters & Garage Doors

Jeff Adam is a wealth of knowledge with a huge heart for sharing his experience with the upmost sense of honesty. You truly feel that your best interest is in mind with his advise, he is honest where his services are best positioned in fitting your needs. I highly recommend his firm and him personally for anyone looking at selling a business. In todays world you need the most honest and experienced people on your side, this would be Jeff Adam’s team. communicative.

Kory Harman, Business Name Withheld by Request

I have found Jeff very knowledgeable and thorough. He produces high quality product for buyers to understand his client’s businesses and is thorough in his dealings with potential buyers.

James Rust, JSR Capital

I wanted to thank you for Jeff’s exceptional help and support in entire process for buying a business. I was staying out of state and communicating with sellers and Jeff. It was a very smooth and clear communication. Jeff was very prompt and very helpful even though he is representing seller. Jeff has extended his help in entire business deal and including moving in to the State of Texas. I would highly recommend Jeff and Adam Group to owner and buyers

Devang Desai, THE MAIL & MORE, INC.


I’ve talked to 15 different M&A Advisors during my search and you are the most responsive and communicative.

Chirag Shah, Ascendo Ventures

Fantastic experience start to finish!

Howard Small, Synergy Small Business Solutions, LLC

I have worked with Jeff over the last year in anticipation of selling my business. He has always been available to answer a multitude of questions that I have had along the way. As it turns out I may have the possibility of selling to a current employee, which would leave Jeff out of this deal, yet he still advises me on how to proceed. I have found him to be a man of integrity, and if my current deal falls through, he will be the first person I call! Thanks!

Rob Klempnauer, FW Digital Print Solutions, Inc

I want you to know how much I appreciate the information you prepared, much better detail and more useful than what most business brokers present.

Name Available by Request, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for all you did helping us find a business. We were especially impressed with your honesty. Instead of trying to hide or sugar-cost the negatives, you were always upfront about potential downsides affecting the business, and that was important. We felt you weren’t trying to “sell” us, but instead were advising us. We strongly recommend ADAM NOBLE GROUP to anyone considering buying or selling a business!

Rick Boeglin, Sports Profile

This is the most detailed CIM I have ever seen! I appreciate the detail you & your team have put into this. It honestly helped answer a lot of questions I had.  I most definitely would like to have the time to get to know the seller, build a relationship, & get more info on my remaining questions.  Talk with you soon!

David Sollis, Solace Holdings Group LLC

Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time on MON night to discuss business ownership and the acquisition process.  Both your insight and your candor are greatly appreciated.  I can see why Mark Crumblish spoke so highly of you and your expertise.  As you recommended, I will remain patient and look forward to hearing from you when an opportunity may present itself.

Name Available by Request, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

I’d like to thank you for working with the owner in putting together a fantastic profile. Of all the companies I have looked at, this is by far the best documentation I have received.  Thanks again for your efforts. I’ve been dealing with a lot of M&A Advisors over the past few months and your package put together is fantastic. I appreciate it.

Clayton Smith, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

Jeff did an amazing job coordinating every single detail along the way. Things came together without a hitch. This wouldn’t have happened under a less seasoned broker.

Scott & Katherine Michener, New Owner, Active Impressions

Your business write up is in the top 10% for info sharing. Excellent, well-written and you make a complicated business easy to understand

Peter Tignini, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

It has been a very difficult decision for me, but I wanted to let you know I will no longer pursue the opportunity to acquire John’s company. I want to thank you for your excellent support, patience with me and willingness to listen and provide advice…I have learned a ton from you! Based on this experience, I know you are one of the best in your industry so I have no doubt that John’s has chosen the right broker to work with in finding a great buyer for his business.

Name Withheld by Request, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

Great write up, impressive company.

JC Timmons, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

We are career professionals approaching retirement and seeking a restaurant/bar to own and operate in our post-corporate lives.  We reviewed a number of opportunities and rapidly became disillusioned with the unprofessional, duplicitous brokers who seem to believe that honesty is just another variable.

Thankfully, we became involved with Jeff Adam and his team. Jeff reviewed our background, finances and goals and gave us an honest assessment of the business under consideration. He explained its strengths and weaknesses as well as offering suggestions to make it more successful.  He systematically guided us through the entire process with few, if any, surprises.

Jeff “technically” played the broker but, in reality, has served as our consultant and confidant.  He has taken our often anxious sometimes frantic calls before, during and after the sale and always projected the calm demeanor of a professional businessman.  We highly encourage anyone considering a similar purchase to contact them first – not last.

 Robert and Wendy Rausch, New Owners, BobbyWoo LLC

Jeff brokered a business purchase, representing the seller. I had occasion to work with upwards of 25 business brokers researching business acquisitions. Most I found to be dreadful; many with poor English, no apparent business background, and little or business broker skills. Jeff was 180 degrees from the typical “broker” I had dealt with. Well educated, literate, professional, and knowledgeable of every aspect of the transaction we executed. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff and when I have needs of a business broker he will be the first I reach out to.

Tom Melesky, President – Melesky Enterprises, Inc

It has been a very difficult decision for me, but I wanted to let you know I will no longer pursue the opportunity to acquire John’s company.  I want to thank you for your excellent support, patience with me and willingness to listen and provide advice…I have learned a ton from you!  Based on this experience I know you are one of the best in your industry so I have no doubt that John has chosen the right broker to work with in finding a great buyer for his business.

Name Available by Request, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

It was a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon.  Dealing with brokers who know their business is always refreshing.  I look forward to seeing the rest of the information you have about this opportunity.

Brian Martin, Business Buyer Testimonial

Jeff handled my purchase of a business in a very friendly and professional manner. He was very honest in the information he provided to me about the seller and the acquisition. I recommend Jeff and would use his services again.

Larry Beardsley, President, Lawrence J. Beardsley CPA, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for Jeff’s exceptional help and support in entire process for buying a business. I was staying out of state and communicating with sellers and Jeff, It was a very smooth and clear communication. Jeff was very prompt and very helpful even though he is representing seller. Jeff has extended his help in entire business deal and including moving in to the State of Texas. I would highly recommend Jeff and Adam Group to owner and buyers.

Devang Desai, THE MAIL & MORE, INC.

I worked with Jeff recently on purchasing our business. I would say Jeff exceeded my expectations. Although he was the seller’s broker, he always answered all of my questions promptly. He was very detail oriented with entire process, answered every question, kept us informed with any schedule update/changes, stayed in constant communication with buyer and seller as well as franchise corporation (as this is a franchised business).

He handled everything very discreetly and acted honestly and with full integrity. Jeff always answered/responded to all emails and phones. He is also staying in touch with us after closing to make sure all is going well. I will highly recommend Jeff and his company to other business owners and buyers.

Ashvin Amin, Managing Member, ShreeNidhi Group, LLC

We have now completed our third acquisition through your firm.  Although you represented the sellers in each case, we valued your direct involvement in these sensitive and complex negotiations. Although your firm is located over a 1000 miles away (we still have yet to meet in person!), you handled the entire process as though our firms were face to face. Well done!

Lever Stewart, CEO, DMS, Inc – Public Company

I truly feel that your knowledge of the acquisition process and your true professionalism was the reason my purchase went so smoothly. You were extremely thorough in your explanations during the process and could answer any questions I had. You are a true asset to anyone looking to purchase a business!

Alexander Vantarakis, The Housekeeper

Jeff represented the seller of the company I acquired that later became PepWear. He is a personable, honest, intelligent and diligent broker who I enjoyed getting to know and working with. If you are considering the sale of your business, you should seriously consider hiring Jeff. And if you are a buyer, you can be confident that you will be treated honestly and fairly when evaluating his projects.

Craig Johnson, President, Stonebriar Capital LLC

I already like dealing with Adam Noble Group. Other brokers sell businesses without providing detailed profiles. You provided thorough, detailed information packages with clean statements.

Daniel Peters, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

I would like to express my thanks for the all the help in purchasing Performance Specialty Service. This is the first business my wife and I have purchased. I know that we had a number of questions and bothered you at odd hours. Throughout the entire process you made your self-available for any problem that we came across even during your vacation.

From the first time we met, during the purchase & sale of American Foam Rubber you have been helpful and concerned that all parties involved were happy. You are very good negotiator and are able to work out problems in a win-win scenario.

We strongly recommend Jeff Adam to anyone considering buying or selling a business!

Mark Barron, Performance Specialty – Manufacturing

Thank you for your outstanding service and availability through the purchase of my first business. Unlike most brokers that I dealt with during my search to acquire a business, you were candid and kept me focused on a business that I could afford. I strongly recommend your firm to anyone buying a business!

Nick Hudson, Sportswear Manufacturing/Distribution

Dear Jeff,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want you to know how much I appreciate the following:

1)  Your sincere interest in evaluating my situation to present viable options to me.
2)  Your delicate interaction throughout to keep both parties on track.
3)  Your dedication to be available whenever and wherever required.
4)  Your obvious competence in handling all of the many details of the transaction.

You have proven that you define success of a deal by the satisfaction of both parties AFTER the deal is completed!

George Lundquist, President, Service Company

Thank you for your assistance in the purchase of American Foam Rubber. I am very pleased and appreciate your professionalism throughout the purchasing process of my newly acquired business.  Your quick response and accuracy of the data submitted to me enabled me to evaluate my prospective purchase with ease and confidence.

I can truly say “I am satisfied” with our business transaction and I would recommend your firm to anyone in the market to buy or sell a business.

Andy Doan, American Foam Rubber

I’d appreciate you keeping me in mind for similar opportunities you come across. I’ve seen a number of packages from business brokers and yours is one of the best I’ve seen. Well laid out and does a good job of describing the business and the opportunities for a new owner.

Graham Sones, Prospective Business Buyer Testimonial

congratulations on a job well-done! You personally guided our acquisition of a well-respected business during difficult negotiations. We valued your ability to work through a complicated deal structure involving attorneys, accountants, estate planners, insurance firms and mezzanine financing. The transaction has gone very well and we value that we have been able to retain all employees.

Our company is ecstatic about our acquisition. Please feel free to have any potential client call me as a reference in the sale or purchase of a business.

Kyle Eldred, Managing Partner, FHP, LP

Thanks much for all your assistance! Having said that, my small business pursuit does continue.  I do hope one of your future listings will pique my interest as your responsiveness, dedication and thoroughness is unmatched given the experience I have had with other brokers/brokerage agencies in the area.  Please keep me in mind and send me, as you have previously, any automated updates.  Thank you

Martin Brackett

From our first contact, we have been pleased with the professional service provided in the acquisition of Midway Cycle. I am still amazed that you were able to coordinate the entire process from negotiations through post-closing reviews without ever meeting the sellers or me face to face. That’s quite an accomplishment over a 6 month period while you were 300 miles away in a different state!

Steve Harvanek, Motorcycle/ATV Multiline Dealership

I want you to know how much I appreciate the information you prepared, much better detail and useful than what most brokers present.

James Lane, Prospective Buyer