Craft Brewery Business Brokers

Craft Brewery Business Brokers

Whether you’re planning to value, buy or sell a craft brewery business, Adam Noble Group can help you accomplish your goal. Our Craft Brewery business brokers are knowledgeable and experienced in the discreet and confidential sale of craft brewery businesses. Our goal is to personally sell businesses for sale in the Craft Brewery industry faster and for more money than other brokers, and we have a variety of tools to help us fulfill this goal. For example, instead of providing potential buyers with a one-page MLS form, we assemble a detailed Offering Portfolio that shares pertinent information about your business that every qualified buyer would want to know.

It is critical to complete a thorough situational analysis when buying or selling an existing craft brewery. Unless you are “simply” (and it’s never simple) buying used brewery equipment, you need to understand where the brewery has been, where it is and where it can go.  Typically, one should request 5 years of historical financials and income tax returns. You should recast these to determine the discretionary cash flow to the owner (“DCFO”) for each of the 5 years. The FIRST thing to realize is that your financials incorrectly state what you earn in the business. The IRS allows you to deduct expenses like depreciation, amortization, interest, owners’ salaries, benefits and other perqs. Non-recurring or non-market wages, expenses need to be determined and adjusted.

Similarly, inventory, fixtures, furniture, equipment and vehicles are typically understated on the balance sheet. The IRS allows you to depreciate these but you can increase their values typically to their used fair market values. You need to recast the balance sheet and determine values of

  1. raw material, packaging, etc inventory at cost,
  2. WIP (Work in Process) at cost + a percent of margin,
  3. finished goods at cost + a percent of margin,
  4. used fair market value of the brewery equipment, other furniture/fixtures/equipment and vehicles, etc.

Other factors to consider include:

  1. The lease needs to be assessed for fair market rate, term, renewals, ….
  2. Who will be brewing?  Is there an existing employee brewer, asst brewer, etc
  3. Will this be an asset-purchase or legal entity purchase (eg membership interest purchase of an LLC).  There are legal, purchase price and operating expense implications to each approach
  4. Regulatory compliance history – has the brewery broken local, state, federal laws
  5. Distribution
  6. Customer concentration
  7. Equipment condition, manufacturer, age and capacity
  8. Will a bank lend money on the purchase or sale
  9. Brewery awards, medals, competitions, reviews
  10. and many other considerations

We encourage you to read the personal testimonials and references on our website. We are happy to provide these and many others; they are willing to speak with you and describe their personal experience of valuing and selling their craft brewery business for sale.  We have valued and sold craft breweries, tap rooms, brew pubs and craft breweries with state and/or self-distribution.  Read more about buying or selling a craft brewery.

What’s my craft brewery business worth ?  Contact us TODAY to Value your Businesstexas business valuation - Craft Brewery Business Brokers

We provide personal, concierge business valuation and sale services to business owners.  We tailor and execute a discreet, confidential exit plan for you and your specific needs … and we are EXCELLENT at what we do !

Just ask our clients:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jeff for completing the sale of our brewery. From the beginning he was upfront and professional about what steps needed to be taken by either party in order to get the ball rolling. Jeff was very familiar with our industry, which helped tremendously in getting the right valuation that helped in completing the selling phase of the process.

We always felt he took the time to understand our needs and concerns and why we were making the tough decision to sell our business. I was always able to call Jeff, even when he was on vacation, he was checking in to see how we were doing! If, at any time, I was feeling uneasy about the way things were progressing, he was more than willing to discuss these concerns and make any adjustments necessary to ease my concerns.

Jeff was instrumental during the due diligence phase once we received an offer. He provided us with a qualified buyer and assisted both parties through this phase which led to a very uneventful “successful” closing!”

Chris Deible, Woodcreek Brewery

“We built a very successful brewpub in Rowlett, thanks to great employees and customers. Jeff’s firm completed a business valuation and then found an awesome buyer for the business. I recommend using his business valuation and sale services!”

Kevin Lefere, President, Bankhead Brewing Co. LLC.

“Sorry this took so long. The dust has settled and I can say with confidence that this deal has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. We found the right buyer with the right terms in a very short amount of time. Your service was attentive and proactive throughout the process. This experience was as close to perfect as possible. There were a couple hiccups but as I said, at the end of the day we got a deal that we’re proud of and happy with. I’ll also add that it was really impressive that this was all done without anyone finding out about our sale before the close date. That was probably the most common question I got from peers – “How did you find the buyer without anyone knowing you were up for sale?”. This is quite an impressive feat of alchemy!

adamnobleIf you have any prospective clients looking to talk to someone who has used your service, I would be more than happy to share my experience, which was very positive.”

John Holler, President, Holler Brewing

Jeff Adam is extremely knowledgeable, discreet, honest and reliable . Our experience with Jeff was exceptional ! He responded to every question 24/7. Our business was sold for the price listed in a timely manner. We highly recommend the Adam Noble Group.

Alvin & Dorothy Blazek

I’ve dealt with several business brokers during my career. Thank you for your professional handling of the sale of 2 of my businesses.  You found and prequalified excellent purchasers in BOTH cases.  I strongly recommend Jeff Adam and the Adam Noble Group to any owner considering the valuation or sale of their business!

 Nasir and Rosie Jiwani

You did it! You found the perfect buyer!  Great personal service.  I strongly recommend Jeff Adam and the Adam Noble Group!

 Ped Farazandeh

Boy did we ever make the right decision in selecting ADAM NOBLE GROUP to sell our business.  Before choosing ADAM NOBLE, we had spent considerable time trying to sell the business ourselves.  We had several serious buyers … each one took considerable time and energy to prepare, educate and communicate with but they did not elect to proceed ….and, we never knew the true reason.  All this changed when we decided to meet with Jeff Adam.

We had met with several other brokers about selling our business.  In each case, we were not impressed with the individual or the process described.  After hearing about Jeff’s company from another owner, we made the initial call.

Jeff did a great job of describing the process and requirements for preparing our business for sale.  It took some work but we followed his advice and process.  He was always very prompt in replying to telephone calls or emails and the quality of his advice was top shelf.  Everything has been handled discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality from both our and the Buyer’s points of view.

We highly recommend ADAM NOBLE GROUP to any business owner who is serious about selling their business.

 Shirley & Lynn Hunstable, SACL Enterprise Inc

Jeff recently worked for me as an M&A consultant to value and sell a business. His firm did an excellent job delivering timely results as well as providing a great assessment of the process. I enjoyed working with him personally and would recommend his firm to anyone considering hiring them.

Michael Gorton, President

Adam Noble Group is prepared to handle all transactions from start to closing and transfer through training. We personally gather valuable information about our Craft Brewery businesses for sale, educate buyers and inform sellers. These elements properly and confidentially prepare transactions and enable the sale to progress quickly and efficiently.  Owners start with Adam Noble Group Craft Brewery Business Valuation services, which determine the fair market value of their business. With this information, Craft Brewery business owners determine the best asking price that meets their personal expectations and is justified to be a worthy investment by Craft Brewery business buyers.

Ultimately our goal is to sell Craft Brewery businesses for sale as quickly as possible, but we also don’t want to overlook some of the important steps that can cause a transaction to fail.  Fortunately, we have a large network of affiliations, as well as access to global networks, websites and banking contacts that enable us to walk our clients through the entire buying and selling process. It is with this unparalleled personalized customer service that our Craft Brewery business brokers execute smooth sales processes.

The confidentiality of your business is important to us!  That is why our Craft Brewery business brokers progressively provide information about your company to Craft Brewery business buyers at certain and predefined stages.  This allows us to maintain the privacy of your Craft Brewery business, while giving serious buyers the information they need to make an informed decision. To learn more about Adam Noble Group and our personalized Craft Brewery business brokers and valuation services, contact one of our representatives today.

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We encourage you to read some of the Testimonials from Clients (with their FULL personal and company names).  We have extensive business broker references and are happy to share these with you.

Search craft brewery buyers at SEARCH OUR BUYERS, email or call us to discuss your opportunity. It may fit another active buyer’s search criteria.  Thinking of selling:  Contact us TODAY to Sell your Craft Brewery Business 

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