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Since we specialize only in the sale of businesses, you won’t find more knowledgeable experts anywhere. We use the same care in finding a qualified buyer for your business that we would if we were selling our own since we have all been successful business owners and/or managers prior to joining the firm.

Why Sell a Business with Adam Noble Group, LLC?

Our affiliations with the Business Brokers Network (BBN), the Institute of Certified Business Counselors (I-CBC), the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB) guarantee you that we adhere to the highest professional business brokers standards. As a client, these networks enable us to provide you with access to the broadest number of potential buyers to whom you can sell a business – something you just can’t get with many local business brokerage firms. Instead of having access to only the local market, we connect you worldwide.

 Benefits to Sellers

Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Dallas - Fort Worth business ownersWe provide concierge, customized business broker service to business owners.  You will have one point of contact for the entire exit planning experience from initial introduction to follow-up 2 years after you exit your business.  Since we specialize only in the sale of businesses, you won’t find more knowledgeable experts anywhere. We use the same care in finding a buyer for your business or franchise that we would if we were selling our own since we have all been successful business owners and/or managers prior to joining the firm.

Our extensive global network of buyers includes (but is not limited to) private individuals, high net worth owners, corporations, financial buyers, franchise buyers, strategic buyers, private equity groups, investment sponsors, investment funds, institutional investors.  Our buyer database is in excess of 5,000+ prospective purchasers.  You can Search Our Buyers here.

We can prepare a professional valuation of your business or franchise to determine its fair market value and ensure that it’s priced appropriately, normally resulting in a faster sale at the best possible price and terms.  The valuation is an important input but ultimately you will decide the price and terms at which you wish to go to market.  We further describe Business Valuation steps here.

Our knowledgeable experts create a complete Offering Portfolio that provides more information about your business than what appears in a typical one-page MLS form used by most brokers.  We include the type of detailed information that a registered buyer will want to know to help them make a decision to buy a business.  Our experience is that this unique Adam Noble Group service helps us broker business faster and for more money. Spending more time and attention preparing to sell a business results in a smoother sale process for the seller.

We design a custom plan to promote your business to likely buyers. This may include targeted marketing, direct email, direct USPS mail, consumer publication advertising, trade journal advertising, targeted buyer searches and cooperative business brokerage.  Wouldn’t you prefer to sell a business to a highly motivated, industry-experienced and qualified buyer?

Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Texas business owners
Adam Noble Group business brokers sold this business; the owners are now retired in Maui!  Active Impressions

We directly market your business through our global networks and on multiple websites, meaning that you have hundreds of offices and thousands of brokers working with us to find just the right buyer.

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, so information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages only as their level of interest heightens.  We disclose no confidential information without signed Confidentiality Agreements and work toward full disclosure with either an Offer to Purchase or a Letter of Intent.

Our knowledgeable experts use our banking contacts to assist the buyer in arranging financing. This includes traditional financing or SBA small business loans.  By doing this, we can also help to minimize the amount of seller financing, if any.

As the best business brokers, we handle the entire process discreetly and confidentially.  We encourage you to read some of the Testimonials from Clients (with their FULL personal and company names).  We have extensive business broker references and are happy to share these with you.

How can we help you?  Fill in your information and we will CONFIDENTIALLY and DISCREETLY respond.  Call Jeff Adam at our office at (817) 467-2161 if your situation is urgent or you need an immediate response.


Buy or Sell your Business with Expert Business Brokers!


When you are ready and decide to sell your business, before selling, consider partnering with a business broker who can help you increase the value of your company. Advance preparation and making minor improvements will help you present a stronger case for selling your company at a great price. Adam Noble Group can advise you on how to best improve and position your company as ready-to-sell operation that can ultimately help increase your market valuation. Your broker will work with you to identify how to best meet the expectations of a qualified buyer and get the maximum value possible for your company.

A broker can assist you in obtaining a certified business valuation from an independent, third-party appraiser. The appraiser recasts your company financials so that both buyers and lenders can understand the true value to the business owner. The broker can use the small business valuation report plus other relevant factors that affect company value to defend and to sell a business for a higher sale price.

How Can Business Brokers Help You Get the Best Deal?


Changing the ownership of a business is complicated.  It involves confirming the business assets and financial records, determining the business fair market value, negotiating a mutually agreed price, closing the deal and ensuring a good transition from selling owner to the buyer. Business brokers manage these activities and ensure the sale details are kept confidential until an official announcement is made. We help our customers with the following:

  • Locating Potential Customers :: Business brokers have the necessary access and tools to connect with many buyers from a wide range of sources. At Adam Noble Group, we have access to numerous industry databases containing thousands of additional buyers, in addition to our proprietary database of pre-qualified buyers for selling your business.
  • Business Valuation:: Numerous factors affect the value of every firm. Buyers want to understand how and why a business will uniquely continue to be profitable.  They want to see growth opportunities upon which they can apply their knowledge, skills, expertise, and capital. Our business brokers have access to databases of completed small business transactions that can be used as standards or benchmarks. An independent, third-party valuation helps create a situation in which qualified parties compete to buy a business.  This same situation helps ensure that business owners feel confident that they got the best deal. We provide both mid-market and small business valuation services to achieve these ends.
  • Marketing::  To maximize the sale price, we present your firm in the best possible light. Understanding what purchasers expect, we help identify the areas of improvement, with action plans, that can support a higher selling price. After the mid-market or small business valuation, we define and identify the characteristics of customers to target for marketing the business.
  • Finalizing A Deal:: A deal is significantly more likely to conclude quickly with an experienced business broker who understands both the business and the potential buyer. Defining, identifying and contacting qualified buyers help minimize the risks of personnel issues, customer churn, and predatory competition by shortening the sale process.

More Reasons to Invest in our Services?


As a company or business owner, some of the most significant financial decisions you can make are how and when to sell your business. And you only have one opportunity to get it done right. Plan for success by contacting the professionals at Adam Noble Group for business valuation in Dallas. We will accomplish the task of locating the ideal buyer for your business, understanding and meeting your expectations, and facilitating a successful deal that puts the biggest check of your life in your pocket.

We provide and demand strict confidentiality throughout the marketing and sales processes. This allows you to concentrate on managing your business.  We oversee the entire selling process from listing through negotiations through due diligence and to a successful closing. If you are thinking about exiting your business but worried about the risks, talk with our experts, who will appropriately evaluate your business and do so in a way that safeguards your interests as the owner.

Are You Ready to Sell your Business with Us?


Are you looking to sell your business? Start with learning the true value of your business. Contact Adam Noble Group for an independent, third-party valuation of your business. We can help guide you to transform your business into a ready-to-sell enterprise through our expert market valuation. As a reliable business broker and M&A Advisor, we handle the entire process discreetly and confidentially.