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Adam Noble Group, LLC is grateful for the opportunity to confidentially and discreetly help you buy, sell or value a business. We have an extensive network of buyers looking for established, profitable businesses. These are a small selection of testimonials from industry professionals, most of whom worked directly with us during the valuation, purchase or sale of a business in which we represented the seller of the business. These industry professionals are willing to confidentially and discreetly share their experience with you. Please contact us should you wish to speak with them.

Jeff Adam is the consummate professional. It was a pleasure working with him!

Hervey P. Levin MBA JD, Attorney

Thank you, Jeff. All of our mutual clients have had nothing but good things to say about you. Selling a business can be a very emotional transaction to navigate. Thank you for your professional and thoughtful guidance.

Fran Trussell, CPA, Tax Manager, Snow Garrett Williams

Jeff does a great job managing transactions and following them through to completion. He is also a pleasure to work with.

Kyle Ferguson, President, Ferguson Braswell Fraser Kubasta PC

Fantastic business partner. Highest integrity and work ethic. Couldn’t ask for a better partner or friend.

Mark Crumblish, Aerospace/Defense Executive and Business Partner

For almost twenty years, I have known Jeff Adam in the M&A arena in DFW. He was the poster-child for success among his peers when I first met him. He continued to grow successfully throughout the years. In recent years, he stepped up as officer of the local Networking Group.

Jeff answers his own phone and proactively responds to all correspondence. He finds solutions among buyer/seller and lenders such as me. He is well thought of and easily recommendable to buyer or sellers. I believe he is honest. The nature of business acquisitions requires “high touch service.,” and Jeff maintains a high degree of service for his clients.

Brian J. Hunt, Small Business Lending (SBA) Specialist in Texas

Jeff Adam is one of the smartest and sharpest guys I have ever met. He has exceptional attention to detail, is a strategic planner, a closer and above all else is a pro. I look forward to any opportunity to spend time with and work with Jeff.

Dave Phillips, National SBA Lender

When you’re ready to have a conversation about the value of your business or understand your exit options, I’d recommend Jeff. He’s personable – seeking to appreciate your objectives and experienced having done over 15 years worth of successful transactions in numerous industry segments.

What I like most is his professionalism. You’re receiving current market information, commitment to maximize value and communications that let you know what’s going on and what to expect all along the way.

Jeff’s the business broker/intermediary you hope for when you reach this pinnacle decision point.

Stephen Marino, President, ActionCOACH of Texas

I’ve known Jeff for over 20 years and I can say that Jeff is extremely professional and thorough in his approach when assisting his clients. He is one of the most successful Intermediaries in the business.

Richard Gadberry, Regional Director, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

I cannot recommend Jeff Adam highly enough. He maintains a grasp of all of his transactions and never seems to be at a loss of what is going on in each. I have on numerous occasions discussed with Jeff’s clients their appreciation of the personal service he provides whether the transaction involves $100,000 or is a multimillion dollar transaction. If you are looking for someone who understands each and every facet of your business or transaction, you will not be disappointed in choosing Jeff Adam.

Franklin Cram, PC, Attorney at Law

Jeff is one of the best partners have ever worked with. His attention to detail, expertise and client experience were amazing. I have worked with Jeff in several transactions and I have to say that it has been a smooth process all the way from initial introduction to final closing. I would highly recommend for any business transaction. I look forward to working with him in the near future again.

Samuel Criales, Sr BDO, First Internet Bank

I have the pleasure of working with Jeff on several occasions. He is extremely clear and to the point in communicating with others which shows his knowledgeable and competency in his field. He is very prompt in returning calls and answering emails even thought, I am sure, he is in high demand and very busy. He is a man of strong character. In his business he deal with many confidential situations and you can trust that he is very discreet.

Susan Ferreri, Commercial Real Estate Broker

Jeff and his team ran a highly professional process and were great facilitators. I look forward to working with them again as they bring more businesses to the market.

Andrew Carr, DVG Partners

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to our Rotary Club. Judging by the group of Rotarians who gathered around you afterwards, I don’t think your presentation requires any improvement. Your knowledge of your field is obvious, and with a subject matter of great interest to many, your delivery is extremely effective.

Henry Borbolla III, Controller, Interstate Trailers, Inc.

Jeff served as a business broker to a seller in the Dallas area. I represented the buyer in the transaction. Jeff was very involved in every step of the transaction and was a true asset to the seller and the entire process. He added a level of organization and professionalism to the process that was truly appreciated by the buyer, the seller and the law firms involved. I recommend Jeff as a valuations/business broker.

Alex Frutos, M&A Attorney, Jackson Walker L.L.P.

I have worked with Jeff on several transactions over the years and have found him to be the ultimate professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a quality broker as either a buyer or a seller. I am referring clients to him.

Bob Ross, President, Fuller-Ross Advertising

Jeff is the consummate professional. I have worked with Jeff for over 10 years and found his work to be first class. In selecting a business intermediary; experience, integrity and trustworthiness are critical and Jeff exudes all of these qualities.

John Bechtold, CPA

Jeff Adam is one of the most outstanding affiliates of Business Brokers Network (BBN). I am president of BBN and have been a business broker for over 16 years. I know Jeff personally, and see Jeff as an individual with great integrity and a genuine ability to perform his job. Jeff is clearly within the top 10% of all brokers nationally. His exceptional communication skills and his common sense approach to deal making are the reasons why he ranks so high. I trust Jeff to handle any transaction from the smallest to the largest and most complex. His combination of seasoning and enthusiasm would serve anyone well in a business transfer. Jeff gets the job done!

Gerrald W. Nance, President, Business Brokers Network

I want to thank YOU for all you did for Don Hendrix and the Bank in promoting the sale of his service business in Granbury. I know the commission you earned was not nearly enough for all the time and work expended in this difficult transaction. Rest assured that if our Bank has another business that needs representation – you will come highly recommended!

Lonnie Warren , Regional President, Southwest Securities FSB

I have worked with Jeff Adam on several projects as an associate and I have found him to be very knowledgeable and thorough. He acts efficiently and in a clearly professional manner.

John Boykin, Senior Partner, Associates of Dallas

Extremely knowledgeable and Professional! Very Responsive as well. Excited to work with them again!

Will Benoit, Zion Home & Building LLC

I really wanted to relay how impressed I was with your leadership in the closing. I truly understand how valuable your presence was through out this long process. The professionalism and composure you exhibited to all present was impeccable. I told Doug that if Jeff could bottle the sincerity, professionalism, and ethics he displayed, he would be in competition with some of the Rhodes Scholars on the speaking circuit!

Suzanne Jentsch, Citizens National Bank

I’ve known Jeff for thirteen years – the entire time he has been involved in business sales. Jeff is hungry for knowledge, and he applies what he learns. He is focused, extremely disciplined and goal oriented. He is a creative thinker and gives his customers 120%. I highly recommend him for sell-side or buy-side engagements.

Paul Klinge, M&A Advisor, Lincoln Group

It’s been great to have the privilege of seeing you in action. Your technique and style is the best I have ever seen. I have a high degree of trust regarding working with you. Thanks for being willing to get involved with me. I’ve learned much already and look forward to working with you

Leo Mueller, Los Angeles M&A Advisor

Your patience, understanding and knowledge have helped me tremendously. I can only imagine how important your clients must feel when they have business dealings with you.

Rick Page, Page Company

I have had a professional relationship with Jeff Adam for over a dozen years. While my experience has been limited to SBA loans for financing businesses, he was able to assist his clients with bank requirements and understands financing.

Acquisitions must be handled discreetly & confidentially. Jeff maintains these standards. I believe he will advise with honesty and integrity. The nature of business acquisitions requires “high touch service”. Jeff definitely maintains a loyalty and high degree of service for his clients. I deal with brokers all across the country. Jeff is one of those guys that’s on top of his business and always seems to have good deals.

Mark Thielke, Small Business Lender

I have been a business broker for over 18 years and currently own two brokerage offices with four full time and two part time agents. I know how shortening marketing time can increase not only profits, but increase client satisfaction and value. Your presentation is one of the best I have attended in my career. My only regret is that my agents could not have attended your presentation; their attendance would have saved additional training time and given them more tools to increase their professionalism.

Raymond G. Hanson, CEO, PragmaVentures, Inc.

Jeff is a successful broker of businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth. He can value companies and link them up with potential buyers.

Peter Bagley, Attorney, Partner, Blumberg & Bagley

Your seminars at the National Conference were extremely helpful and provided much inspiration for our Chicago network. You possess a high degree of professionalism, expertise, and personal integrity that will continue to be key ingredients to your success. I was most impressed with your genuine concern for your clients and all of the people you work with.

Karl Grasemann, The Grasemann Group, Ltd.

We would recommend Mr. Jeff Adam as a trusted business broker without the slightest equivocation or hesitation. As the largest valuation firm in America and with the opportunity to work with hundreds of brokers, it is our pleasure to recognize Mr. Adam as one of the most thorough and dedicated business brokers in the United States.

Brian Wendler, Managing Partner, Ross, Wendler & Steen

I can honestly say that Jeff is the most intelligent person I know. He has been very successful because he believes in putting his customers first. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and the Adam Noble Group.

Jim Goodman, President, JaBel Productions

I found Jeff to be highly professional leader that provided excellent leadership. His organizational skills are superior to anyone who I have worked for. The highest recommendation I can give is that I always strive to emulate his management style in my career.

Jerry Smiley, Vecta ai, Director Engineering

The real value came from how Mr. Adam implemented the information into a logical and straightforward presentation achieving the results that make him one of the most successful Brokers in the country. This presentation has made a lasting positive impact on my business with results I am beginning to take to the bank. Thank you again.

William A. Houtz, Houtz & Associates

Jeff encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by showing confidence in my ability to lead and make the necessary improvements. I was able to succeed with his encouragement and guidance. His range of insight of manufacturing processes enables him to identify issues and analyze available solutions. Jeff is someone I would trust if considering a business venture.

Maria Garcia, TD Industries, Manager

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