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Are you seeking services related to company valuation in Charlotte? Adam Noble Group, LLC can assist you with impartial, third-party business valuations. We know that selling a business requires meticulous planning and execution as well as a secret and discreet process. We have provided these services for three decades to support partnerships, entrepreneurs, and business owners like you! Our group of seasoned experts has an in-depth understanding of the sector. Our experienced, knowledgeable consultants will support you while we evaluate your business to ensure you get the greatest price and terms for your business exit. Concentrated thoughtful business colleagues standing near table and analyzing documents in city. 

Why Does Your Company Need Valuation?

We often hear local company owners ask why valuing my business in Charlotte is crucial. Here are the top 7 reasons for this important question.

1. Decision Making

An owner could request a business valuation to assist in establishing both short and long-term strategy. An owner at a critical juncture in their company or personal life may need to fully understand current business value in order to decide whether to trade, expand, gift, strategically finance, or go in a completely different direction. Understanding where the business is and what capital investments or strategic actions are needed to move to the next growth level allows owners to make risk-reward decisions.  The valuation process often fosters development and future achievement.

2. Strategic Planning to Exit or Sell a Business

Establishing a baseline value for the firm, creating a plan to boost profitability and raising value before a potential liquidity event are all wonderful ideas if you intend to value a business for sale in Charlotte, NC. The valuation will help you understand what future buyer considerations should be considered (and improved) when preparing for a liquidity event. You may be surprised to find that your company valuation already meets your expectations.  Whether you exit now or in the future, you can focus on improvements which will have the biggest increase in your valuation. The appraisal can, at the very least, aid you in prioritizing your decision-making.

3. Capital Raising

How much should an investor pay to purchase a stake in your business? A business valuation must be performed to determine the price at which an investor will participate in your firm. The valuation can include a discount for marketability, to reflect the greater difficulty/complexity in selling a minority ownership of a privately held business, or, more typically, the valuation can be of the entire business entity, and you can apply your own percentages.

4. Estate Planning

The value of your firm influences how you need to plan estate considerations to minimize or eliminate estate taxes. You should work with tax experts to develop strategic steps that minimize your estate’s tax exposure and maximizes what heirs will keep after tax if the combined value of your business interest and other assets exceeds the federal estate tax exemption amount.

5. Making Charitable Donations

You might use your company as a gift source to support a favored charity. You don’t have to be a public corporation to accomplish this. The IRS requires donors & charitable organizations to supply specified information to determine whether a taxpayer is eligible to claim any charitable contributions as a deduction. An appraiser must do the business/asset appraisal no sooner than 60 days before the contribution.  As always, you should consult with your tax planner to understand current federal tax laws, as well as variations in state taxation.

6. Shareholder Transfers

A buy-sell agreement between LLC or partnership participants can help you avoid future conflicts. An agreement that is acceptable to all parties should start with a value process or formula that has been mutually agreed upon. In closely held enterprises, shareholder buyouts frequently occur due to shareholder disputes, retirement, the admission of new partners, death, or other unforeseen circumstances. Parties that feel they paid too much or received too little money for the transfer of shares may find these buyouts expensive and, ultimately, decide to use the courts to settle issues.  Preplanning can minimize these risks.  How to Buy Out your Business Partner

7. Litigation

A business assessment is required in various legal situations, including personal disputes, lawsuits brought by minority owners, disagreements regarding the size of a corporation, and conflicts involving taxes and estates. The basic concern is the same in each situation: how much is the firm or business interest worth?

How Can Adam Noble Help You with your Business Valuation?

We can help owners and businesses looking for a company valuation in Charlotte, NC, should they decide to take the next step of selling the business.  Here are just a few of the ways:

1. Strategic Marketing

We define, identify, and locate strategic purchasers for your firm using our vast network and years of industry experience. Our experienced team makes every effort to locate and qualify the most suitable purchasers who can pay more money and frequently on better terms. Finding the largest group of strategic buyers will lead to competition for your company’s purchase at the best price and terms.  We do not “wait” for buyers to come to us;  we tactically find them based on highest probability of being an excellent fit!

2. Professional Services

Our experienced M&A Advisors and business brokers can provide a thorough, independent third-party evaluation of your company to help you determine its fair market value. We will also identify and provide advice on any business improvement opportunities. You might decide to put in the time, effort, and money to improve the business before exiting if the valuation improvement opportunity is considerable, material, and achievable.

3. We Know The Art Of Negotiation

Ultimately, you will establish the purchase price and other business terms with our input and support. We’ll offer tailored advice on how to strategically position your company to achieve your expected price. Our fiduciary duty is to our clients; as such, we owe them a duty of care, including prioritizing their needs over ours. We are skilled at strategizing and negotiating to obtain the best terms and prices for your company that fit your expectations and requirements.

4. Effortless Transaction

If you want to sell your business, our firm will facilitate the process, paperwork and procedures with the accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors of your choosing. We will work with your team to complete the transaction smoothly and without incident.

Let Us Be Your Partner for your Company Valuation in Charlotte, NC!

Organizations looking for their company valuation in Charlotte, NC, engage us as their steward.  We will be beside you throughout the process. Adam Noble Group, LLC will work closely with you to guarantee you receive the best results possible. Check out our 100’s of reviews on Google, Trustpilot, LinkedIn and on our website. Contact us today!  We will answer any and all of your questions!

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