Top Business Valuation Methods

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Valuation is one of the most crucial steps for a business. As a company owner, you must get your business valuation done at regular intervals. It will help you to monitor the progress of your business towards your goals. Business valuation provides owners with facts and figures regarding the company’s actual worth in terms of market value, demand, asset values, etc. It is useful to understand that there are many different business valuation methods to hire a business valuation firm, as they will provide you with the exact value of your company. Continue reading to learn about different valuation methods. 

Top Business Valuation Methods Used By Various Firms

Establishing a precise worth of a company, whether you’re on the buy or sell side, is a vital component for establishing a win-win transaction. However, to get an accurate value for your business, you need to hire reputable business valuation companies in Texas with years of experience. Moreover, you can also use the below-mentioned methods to evaluate your business. 

  • Discount Cash Flow Valuation

It is one of the most common methods used by professionals. It uses the inflation-adjusted future cash flows to project a value for the business. It is a definitive tool for MBAs, and this method has two general approaches. One is the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), and the other is the Adjusted Present Value (APV).

The discounted cash flow valuation method takes your business’s future net cash flows and calculates them as present-day values. With those figures, you will get your business’s discounted cash flow valuation and how much your business assets are expected to earn. 

  •  Multiples Methods

In this method, a multiplier is added to the income value of the business to establish the company’s maximum financial value. The value of the multiplier adjusts with the type of enterprise and many other factors like economics, location, and many more. Hiring a business valuation firm will benefit you in many ways. They will have an accurate understanding of the using multiples method and how to correctly apply and weight the 3 types. Continue reading to explore the three types of Using Multiples Methods. 

  1. Price-to-Earning Multiples: Price-to-Earning Multiples typically compares a company’s market cap to its annual income. It is the most commonly used multiple. 
  2. EBITDA Multiples: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (it’s a fancy way to say untaxed and un-adjusted profits). As a multiples method, the total calculated company value is divided by EBITDA to determine the EBITDA multiple.
  3. Earnings Multiples: This method is an excellent way to allocate value to a stable and relatively predictable business that is about to IPO. It bases the price value on multiples of the business’ earnings potential. Prospective buyers can translate the purchase price into expected earnings and projected returns on investment (ROI). Furthermore, you need to apply the correct multiplier to correctly adjusted earnings. The multipliers can vary widely by industry, business risk and company size.
  •  Asset-Based Valuation

Asset-based valuation is an effective business valuation method. It involves determining the business’ total net asset value and subtracting the value of its liabilities. However, firms that are going to shut down or are operating with the assumption that the company will be end of life shortly should consider using the liquidation value for the asset-based valuation. Therefore, hiring the best business valuation firm will prove beneficial since they will learn about your company and use the correct applicable method to provide an accurate business valuation. 

  • Market-based Valuation

With the market-based valuation method, you determine how similar businesses have actually sold. It compares the value of your company’s assets to the value of similar assets and gives you a reasonable asking price.  Adjustments are made based on type of industry, relative enterprise size, customer concentration and many other factors.

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