B2B Scalable Truck Accessories Sales-Installation Business for Sale 19754 – SOLD !!

B2B Scalable Truck Accessories Sales-Installation 19754

The business specializes primarily in business to business B2B truck accessory sales and installation for new truck dealers, fleet accounts, body shops, truck owners primarily in the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding area. Truck accessories include lift kits, suspension kits, wheels, hitches, leather seating, tires, alarms, bed liners, lights, bed covers, sound systems, security, etc … (but NOT services such as engine repair, motor work or sun roofs). The owner estimates that sales are 70% wholesale and 30% retail. Although the business has a showroom for retail sales but the main focus is the wholesale market. Truck dealers (primarily Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and some imports) sell the accessories as add-ons for preload deals (eg before selling a truck to a consumer) or as sold units (customer adds the accessory before final delivery). The retail market is untapped and wide open; this B2B Scalable Truck Accessories Sales-Installation Business for Sale performs no material advertising except for a slow, older website.

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“Jeff actually represented the gentleman I bought the business from. I could not have asked for a better broker to have worked with. He was always honest and helpful in every situation. I could not have asked for a better man to work with ! If he didn’t have the answer immediately he got it quickly. Even after purchasing the business Jeff has contacted me personally many times asking if there is anything I needed or anything he can help with. I would highly recommend Jeff and the Adam Noble Group to anyone looking to purchase a business!”

Kenneth Shaddix Jr, Truck Toys of Texas

The business ranges approximately 400 – 700 installations per month with an average typical ticket of approximately $700 – $850. A new, energetic owner can SIGNIFICANTLY increase sales & profits in many ways including expanding retail sales, adding eCommerce, adding an outside sales rep, advertising, adding locations, expanding into other cities, etc.

The seller is willing to finance up to 10% of the purchase price if required by a commercial lender to a purchaser qualified/approved by the Seller. THE SELLER PREFERS TO SELL FOR ALL-CASH. All financing is to be personally guaranteed. The assets include inventory at cost of $335,000, work in process (“WIP”) of $50,000, Accounts Receivables valued at $440,000 and FFEV (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Vehicles) valued at $200,000. TOTAL ASSET VALUE included in Price: $1,025,000. The Sale Price will be adjusted at closing for actual values of inventory (at cost), work in process “WIP” (typically $100,000-150,000 at invoice value and will be valued at % completion of invoice value) and accounts receivables. WIP will be reviewed at closing and Purchaser/Seller will mutually agree on Purchaser’s reimbursement to seller for the value of WIP. Additionally, Purchaser will assume retail Customer Deposits and Seller will provide a credit to the purchaser at closing. Customer Deposits vary but typically total $2,000-10,000.

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