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Construction Materials Testing Business 19825

adamnobleThe business is a 40+ year old, well established Dallas Fort Worth Texas construction materials testing (CMT) service business set up to test and inspect materials on and from construction sites, including laboratory testing. Clients consist primarily of school districts and cities (estimated at 80-90% of annual sales) with architects, engineers, home owners and contractors providing the balance.

The following is a listing of typical project services, typically to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specs: 1) Foundation construction observations / inspections, 2) Post-tensioning and reinforcing steel inspection, 3) Soil compaction, moisture content, density testing and inspection (eg Atteberg Limit Series, Standard Proctor), 4) Field inspection and quality control of drilled piers, form work, reinforcing steel and inserts, 5) Concrete strength testing, concrete design mixes, and in-place strength investigations (including sieve analysis, specific gravity, Slump testing), 6) Concrete Test cylinders, 7) Inspection of concrete placement and concrete curing, 8) Concrete batch plant inspection, 9) Masonry mortar and grout testing, 10) Structural steel fabrication, erection and fastener inspection including joists and metal decking, 11) Weld inspection and testing including nondestructive examination (NDE) by ultrasound and x-ray testing

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Clients are satisfied with the service provided and are committed to using the company. Comments from satisfied customers include, employee relations on jobsite, timely turnaround of daily reports, being on time for projects, and working with subcontractors to help keep their schedule going. The company is a profitable business with rapid growth potential. The backlog varies and is approximately $200,000. The seller states that the business has excellent matching books & records and that the seller can prove all sales, expenses and income. An Engineering license is not required as the company does not practice engineering. Any engineering is provided by a consulting engineer.

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adamnobleThe company does no outside advertising. Due to its 40+ year history, the company estimates that 75-80% of sales are from repeat, returning clients. The owner estimates that their average job is approximately $80,000. The owner feels that the business could grow faster by adding inspectors (generally, 1 technician generates approximately $90-100k/yr in revenue) and a sales person calling on school districts, architects and engineers.  NOTE: all sales and cash flow number are 2018 projections.


2018 Tax Return shows Sales of $619,339 with approximate cash flow to owner of $236,933.  Seller will train buyer for 4 weeks included with the purchase price. Seller is willing to provide additional training, consulting or assist with general management functions, at mutually agreed compensation for a finite period.

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