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Texas B2B Gutter & Garage Door Manufacturer-Installer for Sale 19901

Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Dallas - Fort Worth business ownersCompany is a 25+ year old well-established B2B Gutter & Garage Door Manufacturer-Installer of seamless gutters and garage doors serving the new construction and remodeling businesses in major Texas markets. Rain gutters and downspouts protect buildings, foundations and landscaping from water damage. Seamless aluminum gutters make up the vast majority of the market. The company primarily installs 5” and 6” aluminum K-style gutters.  The company also installs garage doors/accessories and manufacturers a custom line of garage doors/shutters.

The founder started the business in 1993 as a home-based business in Arlington, Texas. The business focused initially on home builders in Tarrant County and then added the surrounding counties. As the business grew, the owner expanded into successively larger warehouse shops and offices. In approximately 2001, the founder added garage doors and openers at the request of B2B customers. In 2006, the business expanded into Central Texas (Austin and then San Antonio). In 2006, the business expanded into Central Texas and subsequently into Houston.

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adamnobleYour company was highly recommended to me. Jeff Adam met with my wife and me and described all the steps from business valuation to marketing to sale to closing and to after-sale transition. Over 26 years, I had grown my company to be one of the biggest garage door and gutter companies in Texas. With over 50 employees, I was very concerned about confidentiality and finding the right buyer for the business. We began with a business valuation and I was astonished at the value of my company

Jeff quickly presented many qualified candidates and we sold our business to an excellent company. The sale happened 2 months earlier than expected. As Jeff promised, he put the BIGGEST CHECK OF MY LIFE in my pocket. Coronavirus did not slow us down !  Jeff personally followed up with both the buyer and me regularly during the transition to make sure that everything went well. He was always available, from start to now.

I strongly recommend the Adam Noble Group to anyone considering buying or selling a business!

Windell Chamblee, President, Kodiak DGS Inc

The owner feels that major advantage over competitors is the seniority of managers and employees. The crews are professional, experienced and a major asset to the company. The managers run all aspects of the business. Customers are happy with the service and committed to using the company. The owner feels that a hard-working owner, dedicated to the company, can easily replace the current owner. The company does no outside advertising other than signage on their trucks/trailers. The company receives referrals from an estimated 200+ contractors. The owner feels that the business could grow faster by adding a salesperson calling on builders and contractors.

The owner estimates that seamless gutters are ~48% of sales, garage doors 47% and specialty garage doors 5%. The average job takes approximately 2 hours to install. The owner estimates that the customer base is 98% home builders/remodelers and 2% retail residential. The largest customer is estimated at ~40% of total sales, second largest ~19% and the top 10 customers generate approximately 86% of total sales.

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The company is a profitable business with rapid growth potential. Sales have increased annually from $3,500,000 to $12,000,000 with cash flow to owner of approximately $454,000. Annual cash flow to owner has averaged approximately $615,000+ during this 6-year period.  Sales are projected at $14,000,000 this year.  The owner estimates that the business is operating at approximately 50% capacity and can be scaled to additional Texas markets such as Midland/Odessa, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, etc. The business model can also be scaled to other major population centers in neighboring states. Several of the existing customers are regional or national builders and have requested that the owner expand into other markets. Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Texas business owners

Seller will train buyer for 4 weeks included with the purchase price. Seller is willing to provide additional training, consulting or assist with general management functions, at mutually agreed compensation for a finite period.  HOWEVER, the business essentially currently operates with minimal involvement from the founder.

The assets include inventory at cost of $50,000, Accounts Receivables valued at $500,000 and FFEV (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Vehicles) valued at $500,000. The price will be adjusted for actual inventory, work in process (WIP) and accounts receivables as of the sale date

NOTE: The sale of a business is confidential and discreet; PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE BUSINESS OR SPEAK WITH ANY EMPLOYEES.

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Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Dallas - Fort Worth business owners

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