Unique Trends in BUYER Geography, Industry Searches

Unique Trends in Geography, Industry Searches

While mobile traffic increases represented the most significant change in the way prospective buyers are searching businesses online, several other interesting trends were revealed by the geographic and industry-specific data.

Businesses in Florida attracted more searches any other U.S. state. While Florida represents about 6 percent of the total U.S. population, over 10 percent of all BizBuySell searches were located in the state. The absence of a state income tax is likely one of the key reasons small business queries in Florida exceed what one would expect from its population in.

The remaining top five searched states were California (8.7%), Texas (6.4%), New York (4.5%) and, another small state with a disproportionately high entrepreneurial interest, Connecticut (4.4%).

In terms of top industry sectors, restaurants were the most searched business type, representing over 7.6 percent of all queries. Gasoline service stations were second with 6.6 percent of searches followed by convenience stores (6.2%), bars/taverns (6%) and liquor stores (5.9%).


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