Smartphones Still Dominate Mobile Visits by Business Buyers

Smartphones Still Dominate Mobile Visits

By BizBuySell

While tablet traffic experienced the largest growth over the past year, smartphones still dominate site visits among mobile users, accounting for 16 percent of all visits to As a result, smartphone traffic now accounts for 57 percent of total mobile unique visitors, down 3.5 percent on a year-over-year basis.

The iOS platform again led the way in terms of smartphone devices. iPhone traffic accounts for 59 percent of total smartphone unique visitors and 34 percent of total mobile visitors. iPhone traffic rose 170 percent from 2012, the largest increase of any device. Meanwhile, Android device use, which accounts for 38 percent of smartphone traffic and 22 percent of mobile traffic, grew 112 percent in terms of unique visits to in the same period.

This business browsing data reveals an interesting difference between business buyers and the general public – namely that business buyers lean much more heavily to Apple products. Recent overall market share numbers from comScore show Android with a 53.4 percent share of the smartphone market and Apple with 36.3 percent. As mentioned above, these penetration rates are the inverse of what is seen within the business buying community.

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