Non-Financial Factors Affecting Manufacturing Business Valuations

The valuation of a manufacturing business can be a complex process considering a range of financial and non-financial factors. While financial factors such as revenue, profits, and recast, adjusted cash flow are often used to determine company valuation, non-financial factors can also play a critical role. From a strong management team to valuable intellectual property to loyal customer relationships to a positive brand reputation, business owners must recognize that non-financial factors contribute, and must be considered, during business valuation. Collectively, the factors can significantly and materially contribute to (or detract from) a company’s success and its value.

What Non-Financial Factors Affect Valuation of Manufacturing Firms?

By carefully assessing all the crucial factors, investors and business valuation companies can gain a better understanding of a manufacturing business’ strengths and weaknesses and use this data to make informed decisions about valuation. If you want to explore more about the non-financial aspects affecting your business valuation, continue reading below.

  • Management Team

The quality, depth and experience of a manufacturing company’s management team can impact a manufacturing company valuation. Investors prefer to see a strong management team that can lead the company to success and may assign a premium to valuation. Experienced executives who have a proven track record of success in the specific manufacturing industry can be highly valued. In addition, companies with a strong, deep bench of executives who can step in if needed may be valued more highly than those with a single key executive.

  • Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property can be valuable assets for a manufacturing business. Companies with strong intellectual property portfolios may be valued more highly than those without because the business future financial results can be more confident (less risk). The strength of a company’s intellectual property can be assessed by reviewing its patents and trademarks, as well as its history of successful patent litigation.  Adam Noble Group has successfully valued and sold manufacturing businesses with patented and proprietary products and services.

  • Customer Relationships

Long-standing relationships with customers can be an essential factor in a manufacturing company’s success and company valuation. Companies with loyal and long-standing customers may be valued more highly than those without. Customer relationships can be assessed by reviewing the company’s customer base, sales history, and customer satisfaction ratings.  Recurring customer sales, industry concentration, top 5 customers concentration, and subscription sales are also relevant factors.

  • Brand Reputation

A strong brand reputation can be a valuable asset for a manufacturing company. Companies with strong brand recognition and positive reputations are often valued more highly than those without. Brand reputation can be assessed by reviewing the company’s marketing and advertising efforts, as well as its online presence and social media engagement.

  • Manufacturing Processes and Technology

Efficient and innovative manufacturing processes and technology can provide a competitive advantage for a manufacturing business. Companies with sophisticated and streamlined manufacturing processes and technology may be valued more highly than those without. Manufacturing processes can be assessed by reviewing the company’s production capabilities, machinery, and technology investments plus documented procedures/quality management.

  • Supply Chain Management

Managing suppliers and maintaining a reliable supply chain can be critical factors in a manufacturing company’s success. Companies with strong supply chain management processes may be valued more highly than those without. Reviewing the company’s supplier relationships, inventory management processes, and logistics capabilities can assess supply chain management.

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