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Scalable, Profitable Dallas-area Brewpub for Sale 19850

Craft Brewery Business BrokersThis business is a well-established neighborhood Dallas-area brewpub for sale offering their own on-site freshly crafted, high quality beers (plus a full bar), niche, healthy cooking and delicious food with a year round outdoor patio. The restaurant has cultivated a loyal, growing clientele with its popular menu and freshly brewed beers on tap.

Their most popular product lines include a double IPA, light lager, wheat, bock and blonde ale, all brewed in 15 barrel batches. The beers and foods are well-rated in all usual, popular social media. Estimated annual capacity is approximately 2,000 BBLs (31 gallon/BBL) and can be further increased by adding fermentation tanks, varying production methods and production scheduling.

2019 Sales are approximately $2,680,000 with approximate cash flow to owner of $580,000.  Although the industry is very competitive, the business has superior beer, delicious food, excellent customer service and a destination venue with many growth opportunities. The business also has excellent books & records and is recession-resistant. The brewery operations are operating at about 25% capacity, allowing substantial growth with little to no incremental investment. The business is also exceptionally well-rated by its customers, peers and judges.

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“We built a very successful brewpub in Rowlett, thanks to great employees and customers. Jeff’s firm completed a business valuation and then found an awesome buyer for the business. I recommend using his business valuation and sale services!”

Kevin Lefere, President, Bankhead Brewing Co. LLC

Recent brewer statistics report that there are approximately ~104 craft brewpubs and ~179 craft microbreweries in Texas (Source: Brewers Association, 2020). While overall beer volume sales were down ~1% in 2018, craft brewer sales continued to grow at a rate of ~7%, reaching ~13.2% of the US beer market.

Mintel food and drink analyst Beth Bloom says “There is a strong sense of community in the craft beer world. Consumers like to share knowledge with one another and are highly invested in the products that they choose. Not only that, but craft brands share exposure through collaboration, a practice almost wholly unique to the craft beer market. As such, tap rooms, bottle shops, and beer-garden-style breweries, where craft beer can be discovered, discussed, consumed on-site, and even purchased for at-home enjoyment, make for a complete, customizable experience. Craft beer is not only a beverage choice; it appears to be a lifestyle choice.” Mintel goes on to report that more than half of craft drinkers like to share their knowledge of beer with others, which has helped thrust many small brewers into the limelight, as word of mouth is often their strongest ally.texas business valuation - Brewery Craft Beer

Texas is no exception and THIS brewpub represents an exciting proven way to IMMEDIATELY gain access to the market with an established, profitable beerpub eatery! Texas Beer Industry Growth – In 2018 Texas ranked 3rd in the nation with a $5.1 billion economic impact. Texas ranks 46th in the nation with only 1.4 breweries/brewpubs per capita (per 100,000 21+ adults). Oregon ranks 4th in the nation with nearly 8.5 breweries/brewpubs per capita. The contrast between the numbers for Texas versus a state like Oregon illustrates the potential growth in the craft beer industry. In Texas’s recent legislative sessions, this company’s specific niche ended up the biggest winners; brewpubs — hybrid retail drinking and dining establishments that primarily make and sell their own beer. Texas currently has approximately 283 craft breweries with approximately 104 brewpubs. In last year’s legislative session, our specific niche ended up the biggest winners; brewpubs — hybrid retail drinking and dining establishments that primarily make and sell their own beer. Texas currently has approximately 104 of them.

The seller is willing to finance up to 20% of the purchase price to a purchaser qualified/approved by the Seller, if required by a commercial lender but THE SELLER PREFERS TO SELL FOR ALL-CASH. All financing is to be personally guaranteed. The assets include inventory at cost of $75,000, Accounts Receivables of $00 (no billed accounts) and FFEV (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Vehicles) valued at $600,000.

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NOTE: The sale of a business is confidential and discreet; PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE BUSINESS OR SPEAK WITH ANY EMPLOYEES.

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