Weight Loss Clinic Business for Sale Absentee-owned 19732 – SOLD !!

Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Dallas - Fort Worth business ownersThe Weight Loss Clinic Business for Sale is an absentee-owned medically supervised weight loss program for people who want to lose weight fast. The owner founded the business in 2012 as a licensee and has the license rights for Texas. This location has grown from 1 to 2.5 full and part-time employees in the 3 years since its inception. The protocol itself is medically supported. Nutritionist, dietitians, and physicians were involved in the creation and modification of the program. The program provides structure, portion control and a proprietary food list. They do not advocate pre-packaged foods, as most are full of preservatives and chemicals. The program is specifically designed to target abnormal body fat, so as to burn fat and not lean muscle mass. The health consultants are highly trained and see many patients daily. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure medication come to the clinic for an “All Natural” solution that does not interfere with medication. Unlike diet pills and phentermines that cause appetite to be suppressed, this program targets fat using low calorie, but nutrient dense foods. This allows the client’s weight loss to be maintained and metabolism boosted. Aside from weight loss programs, the business also offers B-12 shots for energy levels and state of the art Venus Freeze systems for skin tightening and body contouring treatments. The business has significant opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Thanks much for all your assistance! Having said that, my small business pursuit does continue.  I do hope one of your future listings will pique my interest as your responsiveness, dedication and thoroughness is unmatched given the experience I have had with other brokers/brokerage agencies in the area.  Please keep me in mind and send me, as you have previously, any automated updates.  Thank you

Martin Brackett, Prospective Purchaser

NOTE: Sales for Jan-July 2016 were $288,725 versus $130,188 prior year – more than doubled! Net Profit was $92,609 versus $28,768 prior year – WOW!

NOTE E2 VISA ELIGIBLE. This may be an ideal business to obtain an E2 Visa: full-time employees and profitable income for a qualified owner-operator.

All seller-financing is to be personally guaranteed. The assets include inventory at cost of $5,000 and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment including equity in equipment lease) valued at $80,000. Business will be transferred free and clear of any other liabilities. The price includes licensing rights for this location.

Concierge business brokerage and business valuation services to exceptional Dallas - Fort Worth business owners

For information,  reference Weight Loss Clinic Business for Sale # 19732 and contact Jeff Adam, PE, MCBC, FRC, CBB at Adam Noble Group, LLC
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