Adam Noble Group, LLC is working with buyers seeking complementary add-on acquisition targets.   These strategic acquisitions can either involved retaining existing management or facilitating an exit strategy.  Below are brief descriptions of active searches, divided into three sections: Service and Distribution, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Related Products/Services.

Should you have an interest is discussing the potential sale of your company, please contact Jeff Adam, President, Adam Noble Group, LLC (817) 467-2161


Providers of pipeline engineering and design work including conceptual studies, land route selection, right-of way, mapping, or facilities engineering

Horizontal directional boring services for oil and gas pipelines

Oilfield logistical services– franc sand storage/trans loading, operators of drill pipe yard, short-line railroads

Non-destructive testing (NDT) or inspection companies serving energy, industrial or government client bases, revenues $5 million+

Above ground wellhead services– i.e. flowback, welding/fabrication, pipeline construction

Utility smart grid installers and providers of energy efficiency audits

Wireless outsourced service providers-i.e. planning, real estate acquisition, deployment etc.

Distributors of fasteners and related products to the commercial and military aerospace markets

Distributors of carbon or steel tubular/piping products or fittings used in heavy construction/industry

Distributors of gaskets, hoses, belts, fittings for oil & gas, or power generation industries

Cross border (Canada or Mexico) couriers, LTL trucking and/or third party logistics providers

Warehouse or logistics companies with a food or food-related customer base, geography open

Emergency response, disaster recovery, site remediation and related services companies, ebitda $1.5mm+

Liquid storage and disposal industrial tank rental companies, Sunbelt locations preferred

Residential building products distributors– drywall, windows, siding, roofing, revenues $10 million+, east of the Rockies

Providers of online educational courses/programs/services for continuing education or regulatory/compliance requirements

Providers of outsourced business services to the property and casualty insurance industry

Providers of human resources compliance and safety (industrial or otherwise) services/products for niche markets

Providers of software for identity access services- i.e. authentication, authorization solutions


Cybersecurity products/services solutions for the U.S. Federal government or commercial entities

Providers of video surveillance and security solutions for commercial and/or government/homeland security, ebitda $2 million+

Automated control solutions, automatic identification and data capture and collection (AIDC), RFID/bar code technology products or services, revenues $3million+

Manufacturers, distributors or marketers of outdoor, fishing, camping or public safety products

Providers of interactive marketing services/social media services –digital design, mobile commerce, social media/social business technology services, ebitda $1 million+

Lead generation and/or data analytics providers to niche markets- i.e. automotive, home improvement, senior healthcare etc.

Printers of high volume customer statements, bills and/or similar materials


Specialized mechanical, piping, related fabrication, or electrical industrial contractors serving mining or energy clients, ebitda $2 million+

Precision contract metal fabrication or machining companies serving agricultural, commercial aerospace, energy/oil and gas, or other industrial end markets, ebitda $1mm+

Manufacturers of irrigation systems or components for OEMs or aftermarket

Manufacture of plastic components used in pools, spas/whirlpools.

Manufacturers of thermoset polymer/ thermoplastic elastomer compounders with revenues $10mm+

Manufacturers of industrial valves or other flow control components for the oil & gas industry

Manufacturers of smaller specialty cutting tools for industrial use- i.e. end mills, drill bits, lathes, saws

Manufacturers of equipment, parts, or services to the hydraulic hose industry

Manufacturers of fractural horsepower motors, revenues $2 million+

Manufacturers of crystal filters and oscillators for complex electronic applications

Manufacturers of electrical motion control products/components utilized in industrial or medical applications

Manufacturers of wire and/or cable connectors utilized in harsh and/or industrial environments

Manufacturers of metal parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry, ebitda $2 million+

Contract manufacturers of vitamins and/or dietary nutritional supplements, revenues $10mm+

Manufactures or distributors of wood pellets

Patented consumer home, bath, or kitchen products

Designers and marketers of decorative fabrics and furnishings sold into interior designer channels


Mobile X-Rays, ultrasound and related services delivered to long term care/nursing homes and other end markets

Urgent care services providers, two or more units

Hospice care locations with a census greater than 50 patients, Pacific Northwest, Texas, Midwest+ of interest

Florida home health, or companion care companies, Medicare preferred

Providers of sleep disorder diagnosis and therapy, including related DME

Multi-office providers of dental or dermatology services

Providers of patient screening and Medicaid eligibility services

Utilization review, case management and/or Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services

Healthcare accounts receivables/revenue cycle management services including billing, coding, collections etc., anesthesiology and radiology of special interest

Manufacturers and/or distributors of niche medical consumables/disposables sold to hospitals, laboratories, physician offices etc., i.e. consumable plastics, slides, vials, surgery or nursing kits, wound care products, tubing

Biological products sold to the life science or pharmaceutical markets, can be small

Manufacturers of hand held surgical instruments for ophthalmic, ear nose & throat (ENT), plastics, or neurosurgical applications, ebitda $2 million+

Manufacturers of less invasive medical devices and components