Private holding company seeks niche manufacturing and service businesses

Buyer Number 50768
Types of business preferred: 20 Food & Kindred Products Manufacturing
21 Tobacco Products Manufacturing
23 Apparel & Other Finished Products Manufacturing
24 Lumber & Wood Products Except Furniture Manufacturing
25 Furniture & Fixtures Manufacturing
26 Paper & Allied Products Manufacturing
27 Printing Publishing & Allied Industries
28 Chemical & Allied Products Manufacturing
29 Petroleum Refining & Related Industries Manufacturing
30 Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics Manufacturing
31 Leather & Leather Products Manufacturing
32 Stone Clay Glass & Concrete Products Manufacturing
33 Primary Metal Industries Manufacturing
34 Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing
35 Industrial & Commercial Machinery Manufacturing
36 Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
37 Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
38 Measuring & Analyzing Instruments Manufacturing
39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing
63 Insurance Carriers
64 Insurance Agents Brokers & Service
72 Personal Services
73 Business Services
737 Computer and Software Services
739 Internet Services and Web Sites
75 Auto Repair Services & Parking
76 Miscellaneous Repair Services
79 Amusement & Recreation Services
80 Health Services
81 Legal Services
82 Educational Services
87 Engineering & Accounting & Management Services
89 Miscellaneous Services
The Buyer is available for Co-Brokerage
Downpayment available: $ 50,000,000
Proof of a completed transaction is available for this buyer.
Preferred Location: National / TX
Buyer is a private holding company that acquires select businesses in niche manufacturing and service areas of the smaller middle-market. We seek out established businesses with excellent potential for long-term growth and improvement. Using our cross-industry experiences and solid capital base, Buyer helps companies move to the next level. Our achievements result from a passion, commitment and enthusiasm for what we do.
OUR INVESTMENT FOCUSBuyer seeks potential acquisitions that are established and growth-ready with $8 to $40 million in revenue, a manufacturing or services industry focus and stable and strong cash flow. We look for businesses that have been profitable and well-performing over time, with a defensible market position and limited customer concentration. We like to focus on a few good companies rather dilute our portfolio with too much diversity. And we enjoy the hunt.


Buyer focuses on four types of potential acquisitions: Generational Sales Owners of family-operated and owned businesses often fear the company will suffer if they retire or sell. We work with retirees to facilitate this transition and offer security in the company’s future. Under-Managed Companies Often niche businesses underperform due to a lack of capital, focus or growth initiatives. We improve the performance and profits of such companies through our combined expertise. Corporate Orphans Being part of a larger corporation can hurt smaller middle-market companies — ownership cannot always provide adequate attention or support. We acquire such companies and provide them with what they need. Industry Consolidation When appropriate, we expand our stake in an industry through smaller add-on acquisitions.


Buyer is strengthened by a group of seasoned operating executives and institutional partners who have built and run businesses from the ground up. They contribute significant capital and experience to our growth and management. Their distinctive skills at building insurance companies, running seed businesses, starting land development and real estate enterprises, leading manufacturing businesses, operating railcar companies and founding publishing companies provide us with expertise across many sectors. They have a record of investing and supporting the growth of middle-market enterprises across the U.S. But most important, our partners do business the Buyer way — they get involved when needed, invest in people and products, and take a long-term approach to value creation.


Contact Jeff Adam, PE, MCBC, FRC, CBB at Adam Noble Group, LLC
Phone: (817) 467-2161