Buyer Seeks Texas medical – healthcare billing, transcript, lab, testing or related

Buyer Number 50458
Types of business preferred: 72 Personal Services
73 Business Services
80 Health Services
The Buyer is available for Co-Brokerage
Downpayment available: $ 10,000,000
Proof of a completed transaction is available for this buyer.
Preferred Location: Southwest (OK, AR, LA, TX) / TX
Private Equity group seeking medical and healthcare related businesses with sales between $5-$25 million. Prefer Dallas to Waco to Tyler. Prefer minimumm $1M EBITDA. Seeking the owner/operator that has grown a business that is too large for management or local investors to take on but too small for the investment banks and larger buyout firms to be interested. Owner need not stay.

Contact Jeff Adam, PE, MCBC, FRC, CBB at Adam Noble Group, LLC
Phone: (817) 467-2161