Buyer seeking oilfield related businesses especially proprietary products

Buyer Number 51015
Type of business preferred: 13 Oil & Gas Extraction
28 Chemical & Allied Products Manufacturing
29 Petroleum Refining & Related Industries Manufacturing
30 Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics Manufacturing
34 Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing
35 Industrial & Commercial Machinery Manufacturing
36 Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
38 Measuring & Analyzing Instruments Manufacturing
39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing
50 Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods
51 Wholesale Trade – Nondurable Goods
76 Miscellaneous Repair Services
The Buyer is available for Co-Brokerage
Downpayment available: $ 10,000,000
A financial statement is available for this buyer.
Preferred Location: National / TX
Buyer seeking oilfield related businesses especially proprietary products, for manufacturing and distribution.

Contact Jeff Adam, PE, MCBC, FRC, CBB at Adam Noble Group, LLC
Phone: (817) 467-2161

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